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Martin Povey interviews Colonel Robbie Hall QGM in June 2020. Hear about his conversion to Christ in the most remarkable circumstances. Afterwards Tony Brown presents the Christian message and there are questions afterwards. 



Billy McCurrie was 12 years old when his father was killed by the IRA. Consumed with anger, Billy joined the UVF at 16, and a year later was ordered to kill. Sentenced to life at 17, Billy spent 10 years in the Maze Prison. It was there that he heard about Jesus and his life was changed.


David & Jan Donegani’s lives were turned upside-down when Amy and Daniel, two of their four children, were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition meaning that they would probably only live into their teenage years. Hear Roger Carswell interview David and his daughter Hannah (sister to Amy & Daniel) to hear more of their story and how knowing Jesus has brought hope and comfort to the family through the good times and the tough times.


John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, and is well known for debating with atheists, including Richard Dawkins.  He has recently written a book about the Coronavirus. See Michael Ots interview him; Martin Povey present the Christian message, and John and Martin taking questions afterwards.